School books with apple on desk

Healthy Snacks for Healthy Teeth!

When September rolls around and school is back in session, kids pack their books and lunches into their backpacks to get ready for a long day ahead. It is important when packing their lunches to give healthy snacks to maintain a healthy mouth. Sugary snacks...

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Do I Need A Crown?

“Hey Doc, do I need a crown on this tooth?” This is not a one-size-fits-all question. Some large old fillings may have left the remaining part of the tooth in a weakened state. A fragile tooth may begin to turn dark, may be sensitive...

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Great reviews from happy patients!!!

“The Firehall Dentist team has taken care of my family for over fifteen years. We feel extremely fortunate to have a talented group of professionals taking care of our dental needs. The office is warm and inviting. The staff is attentive and warmhearted. Most...

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Good for teeth, good for overall health

With so many sweets and treats available this season, what you eat may not only affect your oral health, it may also similarly influence the health of your entire body. Researchers have been looking at the so-called “fermentable carbohydrates” that form the foundation of...

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ancestors teeth

Teeth Before Dentists

Have you ever wondered how our distant ancestors managed to maintain healthy teeth and gums before toothbrushes and dental floss were invented? According to recent research involving analysis of plaque (the sticky film that develops naturally on teeth) taken from 34 ancient skeletons, our...

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It’s ok to take the easy way! In a study about people’s attitudes towards aging, an overwhelming majority of participants would rather improve their smile before investing in help for weight loss, under-eye circles, wrinkles, or other procedures.  Why? Because a beautiful smile can...

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halloween blog

Trick or Treating Tips

Trick or treating safety tips for youngsters: 1. Have each child carry or wear something lit……such as a flashlight, glow bracelet or necklace. 2.Adults should plan out a route in advance…….check the route during daylight hours for tripping obstacles. 3.Wear well fitting shoes………preferably sneakers,...

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bad breath

Concerned about your breath?

      Many people have concerns about bead breath, particularly in social situations.  While many breath odours stem from certain foods, smoking, dieting, and “morning breath”, chronic halitosis (the medical term for bad breath) is less common.  It can stem from problems involving...

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About 10% of Canadian adults grind their teeth when they sleep.  Not only does bruxism (tooth grinding) raise a ruckus, it causes premature tooth wear.  In addition to the biting surfaces of grinding molars wearing down, as one might expect, bruxism can also cause...

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sensitive teeth

Sensitivity Training

When a cold drink causes tooth pain, the root structure of one or more teeth may be overly exposed.  If so, the focus should be on the “dentin” layer, which lies beneath the enamel and contains millions of tiny tubules connected to nerve endings. ...

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Oral Health and Cancer Risk

A new, very large European study has shown that poor oral hygiene and infrequent dental care substantially increase your risks of cancers of the mouth and the esophagus. These cancers rank as the 4th and 10th most common cancers amongst men and women respectively....

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